FORNAX ENERGY is aiming to be one of the Gulf region’s leading energy supply and demand provider as well as shipping management firm. We pride ourselves to be at the heart of the region’s trading news and action.

Every day we try our best in advancing our strategies and increase the confidence of our counter parties in us. We see energy markets as a positive tool and we go further to make it better every day. We source products from remote locations and can deliver on-time, on-spec shipments almost anywhere. We support producers, invest in their production and transportation, and meet the most demanding delivery mandates.

Our group is a coordinated team of highly educated and experienced professionals. Employees regularly attend various courses to update their knowledge and improve profitability and risk management skills. Purposefulness, ambitions and professionalism is the key to the dynamic development of this company.

With challenges consistently facing the energy industry, we are constantly evolving, using advanced systems, procedures and processes to provide the best answers for our traders and our clients. This evolutionary approach not only applies to our services, but also our people.

  • Hydrocarbon Derivatives Production

    Hydrocarbon Derivatives Production

  • Product’s Supply and Demand Management

    Product’s Supply and Demand Management

  • World Energy Markets Analysis

    World Energy Markets Analysis

  • Refined Products Transportation

    Refined Products Transportation

  • Shipping and Vessel Management

    Shipping and Vessel Management

FORNAX ENERGY activities ranges from energy markets analysis, supply & demand modelling to trading of paper and physical hydrocarbon based refined products. With an extensive background in futures contracts and physical trading of its founding members the company provides full sales management services to major suppliers of products such as fuel, naphtha, gas oil and light end products. By having a transparent and professional relationship with local suppliers the company has managed to develop a stable supply of fuel and gas oil to the buyers active in the region.

FORNAX ENERGY has the active policy of securing long term supply and demand contract through different means suitable for each local supplier or users. By having access to most in depth market analysis, first hand related news within gulf region as well as employing our well trained in house analyst teams we provide our suppliers and buy side clients with short and efficient forecasts, updates and information that would help them make their final decisions within the right time frame.

FORNAX ENERGY main responsibilities are defined as providing excellent, honest, professional and transparent service to both supply and demand within our focused energy sector as well as looking after our community in whatever means disposable to us.

We spent many years solving every challenge the energy markets has thrown at us and are proud to use the experience gained for developing, creating and operating our organisation.

We understand the risks involved with such line of work due to exposure to different uncertain parameters and we do our best to explain such risks to our clients and provide them with simple yet effective methods of harnessing such risks.

We believe that having a well established and positive reputation within our peers is one of the main ingredients of a successful and long term business.

We are committed to developing new partnerships within our interested sectors as well as cherishing our already established partnerships.



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